• ed
    "Everything went great! The Merch looked really nice. The store at each venue was top notch. You are a total pro and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all your help. It's always great working with you. I always know everything will work out well under your guidance. " Ed Kowalczyk
  • frankwatkins
    “From the moment I contacted Gabriel at the Merchandise Company everything worked out great! You guys have done a fantastic job for us and we are extremely pleased! We are about to sign a new record deal and will be doing a lot more to work in the the next few years and would love to work with you guys a lot more. Thank you for everything!! You guys ROCK!!” Frank Watkins ~ Malevolent Creation
  • markjansen
    “The Merchandise Company Stands for quality and service and is only satisfied if the customer is satisfied as well. By close collaboration with their global network of partners they achieve to supply decent quality for cheap prices.” Mark Janssen ~ Mayan
  • billygraziadei
    “First off, I appreciate your help, time and patience! Paul, you are very talented and I’m looking forward to working more with you on new designs! Thanx for all your hard work making this happen! Jumping on the plane now. See u soon. All the best!” Billy Graziadei ~ Biohazard
  • jeffwaters
    “You guys did a great job on the designs and were great to work with! Great sales for this kind of clubs for sure!!!!  We will work together again and next time, we learned to just stick to a bit fewer designs as you advised. Thanks for all. Let’s work together on our next tour!”   Jeff Waters ~ Annihilator
  • philfasciana
    “Thank you for all your help and for the awesome merchandise. I’m sure the fans will love the new merch. Talk to you soon!”     Phil Fasciana ~ Malevolent Creation